Christmas music festival CHURCH HOLIDAYS IN THE LAND OF MARY 2014


30th of November 2014 - 7th of January 2015

Corelli Music


Corelli Music presents wonderful Christmas time with beautiful music in churches, manors and music lounges over Estonia! Concert agency Corelli Music continues its year of 10th anniversary and the audience will be delighted again by the Christmas festival "Church Holidays in St Mary's Land". It lasts throughout the long holiday season from the First Sunday of Advent on 30th November, through Christmas expectation, over the end of the year and festive New Year's Concert until Epiphany and Orthodox Christmas in January. The opening concert of the festival marks the 100th anniversary of the maestro Hugo Lepnurm and closing concert begins next year's celebration year "St Mary's Land 800"


The programme of Christmas festival consists of concerts "A Great Role Model - Hugo Lepnurm 100", "Waiting for Christmas", „Te Deum", "New Star in Classical Sky!" and "Christmas in Orthodox Sacred Music", all of them offer great musical experiences. The performers include Kristel Aer on the maestro Hugo Lepnurm's memorial organ, the choirs of Estonian Chamber Choirs' Society, brilliant vocal soloists, mixed choir K.O.O.R., Corelli Baroque Orchestra, conductor Martin Sildos, Estonian Cello Ensemble and Orthodox Singers.

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