Estonian Manors 2011

The general idea characterising this series of concerts is to create a most suitable historical atmosphere in ancient premises by the usage of musical means. During the concert audience will hear lots of sparkling baroque music on authentic period instruments performed by Estonian professional musicians. And also an overview from a distinguished art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa about the history of every particular manorial estate, its architectural value and dignified families who once have lived there. Since 1999 the project has introduced already 50 different manorial estates already.

In the year 2011 everybody is welcome to support the Vääna manor-school near Tallinn, where local primary school and a kindergarten have been situated nearly for a century already. With the sum gathered from special endowments and from the whole income of the final concert on July 31 Estonian Manors 2011 is supporting to start with a foundation for buying different Orff musical instruments, helping to offer these children a life that is more and more worth living. We hope to add our contribution to the funds helping dreams to come into real life!

Name of event Time Place
Estonian manors 2011- Vääna
Estonian Manors 2011
31.07.11 18:00 Vääna mõis, Keila parich
Estonian manors 2011- Helme
Estonian Manors 2011
30.07.11 18:00 Helme manor, Helme parich
Estonian manors 2011- Rakvere
Estonian Manors 2011
29.07.11 18:00 Rakvere manor, Rakvere parich
Estonian manors 2011- Laupa
Estonian Manors 2011
28.07.11 18:00 Laupa manor, Türi parich
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