Estonian manors 2012

Agency Corelli Music continues its popular concert series Estonian Manors 2012. This year, its headliner ensemble Corelli Consort is celebrating its 20th  anniversary season. The charity concert series Estonian Manors 2012 brings together architecture, music, history, mécénat, manor romance and sustaining art heritage.
Since 1999, the series has introduced 54 manors in Estonia and supported 12 small manor schools or orphanages. This year, the donation of audience and mécènes will be given for the first time to elderly people who live at the nursing home in Uderna Manor. The concert series Estonian Manors 2012 helps the Uderna Nursing Home to get going with the foundation that is targeted to set up their exterior lightning
Name of event Time Place
Estonian manors 2012: Uderna manor
Estonian manors 2012
22.07.12 18:00 Uderna manor (Rõngu parich)
Estonian manors 2012: Vihula manor
Estonian manors 2012
21.07.12 18:00 Vihula manor (Haljala parich)
Estonian manors 2012: Saka manor
Estonian manors 2012
20.07.12 18:00 Saka manor (Lüganuse parich)
Estonian manors 2012: Suure- Kõpu manor
Estonian manors 2012
19.07.12 18:00 Suure-Kõpu manor (Kõpu parish)
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