Concerts of the white nights

19.06.16 19:00 Saku manor, Keila parich, Harju county. Series Romantic Manors


Photo: Maret Maasalu

Concert agency Corelli Music invites to listen to the beautiful concerts at wonderful manors and castles of Estonia on dusky summer nights. Enjoy the style and elegance of architectural pearls from passed times in the company of magnificent musicians!

CONCERT OF THE WHITE NIGHTS from concert series *Romantic Manors*

Sun, June 19 2016 at 7 pm in Saku manor (Keila parish, Harju county)

PROGRAM: "Balm of Light" ¬– music from solo albums by Robert Jürjendal: ,,Source of Joy’’, ,,Balm of Light’’ and ,,Journey to the Source of Joy’’, also his music to documentaries ,,The Measure of Man’’ and ,,The force of holding’’.

Robert Jürjendal – guitars, guitar organ, live electronics
Madis Metsamart – vibraphone, chimes, gong and other percussion

On white romantic nights Corelli Music invites to enjoy the wonderful music of Robert Jürjendal in the fairy castle of Alatskivi and in one of the most gorgeous manors near Tallinn in Saku. The spiritual and minimalist currents of his music enchant both the audience and his fellow musicians. Robert Jürjendal has a special perception for the unique atmosfere of each concert place and stage partner. His current program, BALM OF LIGHT combines music from his solo albums and music for documentaries. His partner on stage is percussionst Madis Metsamart.

BALM OF LIGHT is musically eclectic – its musical language is melodious and has a chamber-music-like quality, it has elements of early and contemporary music, combined with live electronics, jazzy harmonies and improvisation. Together with musical enjoyment and cozy cafes the audience gets to experience the luxurious interior of manors and have their minds wonder off to olden times. A positive feeling from beautiful music in a ravishing historical interior!

Dutarion of the concert with interval 1,5 h
Cosy cafés are open an hour before the concert and during the intermission.

CONCERT ALSO ON: Sat, June 18 2016 at 7 pm in Alatskivi castle (Kodavere parish, Tartu county)

TICKETS 12 € / 10 €*

in Piletilevi and Statoil and an hour before the concert beginning at the concert venue, if possible
*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people with escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians


Valged ööd- vidoklipp
Saku mõis. Foto: Birgit Kraas / Corelli Music
Robert Jürjendal. Foto Signe Jürjendal
Madis Metsamart. Foto Olev Mihkelmaa
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