ESTONIAN MANORS 2017 - Vana-Vigala

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28.07.17 18:00 Vana-Vigala manor (Vigala Parish, Raplamaa county). Series Estonian Manors 2017

Charity Concert Series „ESTONIAN MANORS 2017’’
19 years of manor music and patronage in the 800-year-old Land of Mary!

Let's support together the Hummuli Manor School!

The charity concert series “Estonian Manors” is the crown jewel of the agency Corelli Music. It’s a unique cultural phenomenon that brings together the romantic experience of visiting manors, architectural treasures and beautiful music from the golden ages combined with patronage. Baroque ensemble Corelli Consort is celebrating its 25th jubileum and is performing radiant baroque music on period instruments, as it could have sounded in ballrooms of manors in ancient times. The history and architecture of the manors will be introduced by art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa. Since 2017 is the year of children and youth then 3 of the manors are manor schools and patronage can support the development of creativity of the children from Hummuli Manor School.

Fri, 28th of July 2017 at 6 pm Vana-Vigala manor (Vigala Parish, Pärnumaa county)

All jubileum concerts of the baroque ensemble Corelli Consort are presents from the musicians to the 100th birthday of the Estonian Republic. Charity in the manors is also supported by an artistic collaboration with Haus Gallery.

An exhibition of paintings by Mall Nukke, titled Eesti Mõisamaastikud (Landscapes of Estonian Manors), will be open in the Lihula manor house from 5 July to 5 August- Art project by Haus Gallery, Mall Nukke and Corelli Music

Soloist mezzo-soprano TUURI DEDE
Jubilarian baroque ensemble CORELLI CONSORT on period instruments:
Mail Sildos – baroque violin, Villu Vihermäe – baroque cello,Imbi Tarum - harpsichord
Gripping historical background by art historian JÜRI KUUSKEMAA

PROGRAMME: the most beautiful arias and brightest jewels of baroque music – Bach, Händel, Vivaldi a.o.


Thu, 27th of July 2017 at 6 pm Lihula manor (Lihula Parish, Läänemaa county)

Sat, 29th of July 2017 at 6 pm Heimtali manor (Paistu Parish, Viljandimaa county)
Sun, 30st of July 2017 at 5 pm Hummuli manor (Helme Parish, Valgamaa county) – FREE ENTRANCE!

The idea behind the programme of this summer was a desire to perform baroque arias that used to be sung by men – countertenors, but this time they will be sung by a young radiant mezzo-soprano. In addition to that  the audience can enjoy beautiful pieces by timeless and great baroque masters for violin, cello and harpsichord.

In its 19th year since 1999, the yearly and successful concert series “Estonian Manors” has introduced 75 manors all over Estonia. As an additional value everyone has a possibility to join the prestigious patronage of Corelli Music. The concert series has every year supported a little manor school, an orphanage, a nursing home for elderly people, the Maarja Village Foundation and Childrens Clinic Foundation. This summer, the donations of audience and patrons will be given to the Hummuli Manor School in order to help the school develop children’s creativity. They wish to furnish a special reading nook for the afterschool children and purchase big developing board games that can be played outside and with many people together. Games make children wise!

Ticket sales start an hour before the concerts and there are cosy cafés in all the manors. To support the Hummuli manor school money collecting boxes are available and charity sales will be held. Acting together can help make small deeds into big ones!

TICKETS: 20 € / 15 € *

„Estonian Manors 2017“ final concert on 30st of July at 5 pm in Hummuli manor FREE ENTRANCE, with a voluntary donation to support the the development of creativity of the Hummuli manor school. 

SUPPORTER TICKETS: 25 €, 35 €, 50 € are a great help in the organizing of the festival, guarantees great gratitude and the best seat at the concert


in Piletilevi and Statoil and an hour before the concert beginning at the concert venue, if possible
*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people with escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians


EM 2017- videoklipp
EM 2017- videoklipp- vene keeles
Vana-Vigala Mõis-Põhikool. Foto: Margit Liira
Tuuri Dede. Foto: Sohvi Viik
Corelli Consort. Foto: Harri Rospu
Jüri Kuuskemaa. Foto: Peeter Langovits
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