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01.11.14 18:00 Alatskivi castle, Tartu county. Series Romantic Manors


Concert agency Corelli Music continues its year of 10th anniversary and celebrates both the Time of the Spirits and Fathers Day on 1 and 2 November in most beautiful manors with concerts in series Romantic Manors. Cosy music lounges with brilliant musicians and history-flavoured interior are waiting for you!


Romantic Manors.


Sat, 1st of November 2014 at 6 pm, Alatskivi Castle, Kodavere Parish, Tartu County 


PERFORMER: Early music ensemble RONDELLUS

Maria Staak (vocals, hurdy gurdy), Johanna-Maria Jaama (fiddle), Anna-Liisa Eller (psalterium, recorders, bagpipe, percussion), Johannes Christopher Staak (vocals, hurdy gurdy), Robert Staak (lute, percussion)


PROGRAMME: Medieval music for the saints for the Time of the Spirits. Spirited love and drinking songs and dances, popular music of its era for Fathers Day.

Concert also: Sun, 2nd November 2014 at 6 pm, Kõltsu Manor, Keila Parish, Harju County   

The warmhearted and spirited concert of Romantic Manors in beautiful manors brings together the Time of the Spirits and Fathers Day. Futhermore, in the Time of the Spirits we commemorate many forefathers and it is mostly family ensemble on stage. The renown early music ensemble RONDELLUS will perform on 1 November in Alatskivi Castle and on 2 November in Kōltsu Manor. The concerts begin with animated Medieval music, which has been dedicated to various saints: Virgin Mary, St Nicholas, St Barbara, and others. The thoughts and doings of saints are accompanied by some sort of special light, a shimmer of holiness. For their exceptional greatness they have considered among heavenly creatures, so they can protect their wards. Also, love songs, drinking songs and dances from the Renaissance period, the true pop music of this era will be performed. Despite the lack of fast means of communication and transport, popular musical pieces of this era expanded over state borders. Also, those pieces can be found in numerous printed collections and manuscripts over the continent. Although weekly rankings were not compiled, those sources contain true hit pieces that were sung and played all over Europe, maybe also in Estonian region.


Maria and Robert Staak, the establishers of Rondellus, perform with their son Johannes Christopher Staak and other young musicians, Anna-Liisa Eller and Johanna-Maria Jaama. In addition to vocals, the musicians use many exciting instruments from the ancient times: lute, hurdy gurdies, drums, bagbipe, fiddles, psalterium and recorders. In 2003 the CD Sabbatum by Rondellus earned the Estonian Music Award for best classical record, it also aroused international attention.


Enjoy the style and elegance of former times, performed by excellant musicians!

Concert duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (intermission included)


10 / 8 €* in Piletilevi and Statoil and before the concert at the concert venue, if possible

Check the Piletilevi offices
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*Special price: students, pensioners, disabled people and their companions, music teachers, members of the Association of Estonian Professional Musician
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Maria ja Robert Staak. Foto: Maiken Staak
Alatskivi loss. Foto:
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