24.05.21 19:00 St. John Church, Tallinn. Series Church Holidays in the Land of Mary


New dates for the Christmas music festival "Church Holidays in the Land of Mary" concerts cancelled on Mon, 28th of December 2020 and Tue, 29th of December 2020 are Mon, 24h of May 2021 in Tallinn and Tue, 25rd of May 2021 in Tartu

All the tickets purchased for the former dates are valid.



Once again, in the month of May, Corelli Music delights the audience with the series of concerts "Church Holidays in the Land of Mary" which was born in spring 2006. The patron of the series is the president of Estonian Council of Churches, Bishop Emeritus Andres Põder.



Series "Church Holidays in the Land of Mary" - Pentecost



Mon, 24th of May 2021 at 19 St. John's Church, Tallinn


PROGRAM: Concerto grosso in G minor, Op. 6, No. 8 by A. Corelli, orchestral suites by M. A. Charpentier and brilliant arias from "Messiah" by G. F. Handel and cantatas by J. S. Bach.




Corelli Baroque Orchestra on period instruments




This time the concert is titled "The Land of Mary in Holiday Splendour" and it consists of brilliant arias and orchestral pieces by Handel, Bach and Charpentier. This music is carrying the joyous message of big church holidays. On stage we have soprano Pirjo Jonas, Corelli Baroque Orchestra on period instruments and conductor Martin Sildos.


Enjoy the style and elegance of former times and today's brilliant musicians!

The duration of the concert 1 hour


CONCERT ALSO: Tue, 25th of May 2021 at 19 St. John's Church, Tartu


Organizer: Corelli Music



TICKETS: in Piletilevi, Circle K and an hour before the concert beginning at the concert venue, if available.

In Tallinn: 15 € / *12 €

SUPPORTER TICKETS: 35 €, 50 €, 100 € are a great help in the organizing of the festival, guarantees great gratitude and seats in the first rows.

*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people and their escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians.


NB! We are collecting our concert visitor's contact information and confirmation to use it in order to be able to inform you in case there has been someone who will get diagnosed with COVID-19 among us. This is our attempt to minimize risks for your and your loved ones health.

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