Estonian Manors 2020- Valgu

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18.07.20 18:00 Valgu manor-school (Märjamaa parish, Rapla county). Series Estonian manors 2020


Charity Concert Series „ESTONIAN MANORS 2020"

22 years of manor music and patronage in the 102 years old Estonian Republic, "Best manor story teller" prize by Estonian Manor Association.



Let's support together Corelli manor musicians!


The charity concert series "Estonian Manors" is the crown jewel of the agency Corelli Music. It's a unique cultural phenomenon that brings together the romantic experience of visiting manors, architectural treasures and beautiful music from the golden ages combined with patronage.


„ESTONIAN MANORS 2020" concert

Sat, 18th of July 2020 at 6 PM Valgu manor-school (Märjamaa parish, Rapla county)




Baroque ensemble CORELLI CONSORT on period instruments:

Mail Sildos and Meelis Orgse - baroque violin, Villu Vihermäe - baroque cello, Imbi Tarum - harpsichord

Gripping historical background art historian JÜRI KUUSKEMAA


PROGRAM: the most beautiful and brightest jewels of baroque music - sonatas, trio sonatas, solo pieces by Bach, Handel, Corelli, Purcell etc


We ask every concert visitor to follow all the currently valid healthcare advice and/ or 2 + 2 rule. Additional information Try to avoid using cash - buy your tickets from presale and make your donations through our website using bank transfer.



Thu, 16th of July 2020 at 6 PM Pootsi wine manor (Tõstamaa parish, Pärnu county)

Fri, 17th of July 2020 at 6 PM Ülenurme manor, Estonian Agricultural Museum (Tartu-Maarja parish, Tartu county)

Sun, 19th of July 2020 at 5 PM Vana-Antsla manor (Urvaste parish, Võru county)


Taking action together can help make small deeds into big ones!


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The yearly and very successful concert series "Estonian Manors" happens already for the 22st time. It's headliner is a baroque ensemble Corelli Consort, who is playing radiant baroque music on period instruments as it could have sounded in ballrooms of manors in ancient times. This summer some restrictions must be followed yet we hope to offer wonderful experience. The history and architecture of the manors will be introduced by art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa.


Since the beginning of this annual summer event twenty two years ago, "Estonian Manors" has already introduced 89 manors all over Estonia and this year four more will be added to this list.

In addition to enjoyment of beautiful music, charity concert series "Estonian Manors" gives a chance to belong to the honorable company of maecenas. Every year this concert series has supported a little manor school, an orphanage, a nursing home for elderly people, the Maarja Village Foundation or Tartu University Hospital Children's Foundation. For 21 years we have supported the ones in need, but this year culture itself is in a need of a helping hand because since the beginning of the state of emergency all the concerts and performances have been cancelled. This means no income for musicians. For this reason Corelli Music agency dedicates this year's event to it's loyal manor musicians and collects donations to support them.


Cosy cafés are welcoming our audience one hour before the concert and during the intermission in all the manors. In Pootsi manor you will be greeted with a welcome drink.


The duration of the concert is 2,5 hours (including intermission).

TICKETS in Piletilevi and Circle K


Due to the emergency situation restrictions we can sell only half of the tickets. Therefore we ask our audience to choose the price of the ticket according to their opportunities. Every single ticket purchaser is our supporter!


SUPPORTER TICKETS:17 €, 22 € 50 €, 100 € are a great help in the organizing of the concerts and guarantees greatest gratitude of the musicians.


Try to avoid using cash and buy your tickets from presale.

The price of the ticket contains a program booklet.

If possible, wear a face mask.

When feeling unwell or having any symptoms of illness, please stay home.


You can support Corelli musicians on the amount by your choice via bank transfer.

MTÜ Elegantia, IBAN: EE641010220111470014 (SEB)

Explanation: Corelli maecena's donation, your surname and family name, phone number, e-mail addres

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Eesti mõisad 2020- videoklipp
Eesti mõisad 2020- videoklipp- vene keeles
Valgu mõis
Corelli Consort. Foto Harri Rospu
Jüri Kuuskemaa. Foto Corelli Music
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