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29.05.14 19:00 Puurmani Castle Kursi parish, Jõgeva county. Series Romantic Manors


Corelli Spring Concerts. OBOE FAIRY

Concert agency Corelli Music invites you to enjoy spring fresh music performed by the Oboe Fairy and her guests! The concerts take place in a fancy ballroom and in the heart of the magical old town of Tallinn.

Thu, 29 May 2014 at 7 pm, Romantic Manors, Puurman Castle (Kursi parish, Jõgeva county)


String quartet from the Rostock University of Music and Theatre:
Alejandro Carrillo (violin, Venezuela)
Laura Kania (violin, Germany)
Germán de Evan (viola, Spain)
Valentin Preuß (cello, Germany)

PROGRAMME: Beautiful classical music for oboe and strings (Mozart, Bax, Eller, Tormis and Kõrvits).


Concert also: 

Fri, 30 May 2014 at 8 pm, Toompea Music Lounge, City Palace of Stackelbergs / Employers' House (Kiriku 6, Tallinn)


This time the spring concerts of the agency Corelli Music are titled OBOE FAIRY. The concerts introduce classical wind instrument oboe and charming young Estonian musicians Heli Ernits. Spring fresh music can be heard in the series of Romantic Manors at wonderful Puurman Castle and in Toompea Music Lounge at the former City Palace of Stackelbergs, today known as Employers' House. The historical buildings fascinate with their luxurious interior and in Toompea also with the glorious view over the sea and the roofs of old town.

In this concert the idiosyncratic timbre of oboe will be joined by sounds of two violins, viola and cello. The young musicians will pay a visit from the Rostock University of Music and Theatre in Germany where the oboe player Heli Ernits completes her studies this spring. In the same time this Tallinn concert belongs to the 3rd year of her doctors' studies. The kaleidoscopic concert programme includes heart-conquering Mozart, works by English composer Bax and intriguing bits of Estonian music. Also, the manor concert belongs to the series of popular visit game Forgotten Manors and the concert in Toompea belongs to the programme of 32th Tallinn Old Town Days.

This is what the Oboe Fairy herself thinks of the concert: 'I have always thought that oboe together with certain amount of strings could make an enjoyable ensemble. My long past concert idea will come true as I spend this spring in Rostock. The Oboe Quartet by Mozart is a masterpiece, this will be really striking piece to end the concert, it will certainly make the listeners smile. As I consider myself a gold digger, I love to discover Estonian pieces that havn't been played so much, so I will definitely play one of the Lyrical Pieces by Heino Eller. It will be right in the beginning as Eller is the beginning of everything. Then we will go to England for a moment to enjoy the pastoral and crisp temper of the Quintet by Arnold Bax. The rest of the programme, however, has to consist of Estonian music! Dreamers, a duo for oboe and violin, will offer more contemporary variety. It is dedicated to Olev and Annemari Ainomäe, one of them is my teacher and the other is my close friend. I found Sinikka's Song by Veljo Tormis after consciously searching for a folk based vocal piece that would be close to my heart. I really wanted to surprise audience with the arrangement of it for oboe and strings. The composer was delighted to hear my wish and inspired to grab a pen to rearrange the piece. For me the sad and dreamy melody of Sinikka's Song represents homesickness that always quietly comes over me when I am away.'

The concert with intermission lasts for 1,5 hours.


10 / 8 €* in Piletilevi and Statoil and before the concert at the concert venue, if possible

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*Special price: students, pensioners, disabled people and their companions, music teachers, members of the Association of Estonian Professional Musician
Oboehaldjas- videoklipp
Heli Ernits. Foto: Mait Jüriado
Puurmani loss. Foto www.mois.ee
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