Christmas Music Festival “Church Holidays in the Land of Mary” 2020

06.01.21 19:00 Keila-Joa manor, Harju county. Series Christmas music festival “Church Holidays in the Land of Mary” 2020



28th of November 2020 - 6th of January 2021

Miraculous Christmas time filled with beautiful music in churches and music lounges all over Estonia and for the first time a virtual concert stream from Polish monastery!

Once again Corelli Music delights the audience with the Christmas Music Festival "Church Holidays in the Land of Mary" which brings musical experiences throughout the whole holiday period. The patron of the festival is the president of Estonian Council of Churches, Bishop Emeritus Andres Põder.

The festival has been credited with the quality label "EFFE Label 2017-2018" by European Festivals Association.


Opening concert, first week of Advent.

O Magnum Mysterium"

Sat, 28th of November 2020 at 19 in St. John's Church, Tartu

Sun, 29th of November 2020 at 19 in St Olaf's church, Tallinn

PERFORMER: Heinavanker (vocal ensemble) -

Ester-Silva Erikson (soprano), Kadri Hunt (alto), Sander Pehk (tenor), Tõnis Kaumann (baritone), Taniel Kirikal (baritone), Margo Kõlar (tenor, artistic director)

PROGRAM: Tomás Luis de Victoria's MassO Magnum Mysterium", Estonian cleric folk songs etc.

Awaiting Christmas, second week of Advent.

Winter Wonderland"

Sat, 5th of December 2020 at 15 in Swedish St. Michael's Church

Sun, of December 2020 at 18 in Maarja-Magdaleena Church, Rapla

PERFORMERS: German Gholami (tenor), Jaak Lutsoja (accordion), Merle Kollom (organ)

PROGRAM: Advent concert „Winter wonderland" is filled with beloved Christmas songs from from different nations and in different languages. Beautiful Christmas melodies chiming under the church vaults performed by Spanish tenor and accompanied by accordion and organ.

Awaiting Christmas, fourth week of Advent.

Awaiting Christmas in Cracow"

Sat, 19th of December 2020 at 19 in Benedictine Monastery, Staniątki, Poland


PERFORMER: Cracow Singers (vocal ensemble) -

Liliana Pociecha, Ewelina Wiśniecka (sopranos), Katarzyna Freiwald, Zuzanna Kozłowska (altos), Piotr Szewczyk, Piotr Windak (tenors), Przemysław Bałka, Łukasz Dziuba (basses), Karol Kusz (artistic director)

Mateusz Kowalski (viola da gamba) ja Andrzej Mikołaj Szadejko (organ)

PROGRAM: Wonderful Christmas music from Polish baroque era - „Staniatecki Cantional" and Cracow's Christmas rhymes from the oldest Benedictine monastery in Poland (1228).


Traditional year-end concerts.

The Land of Mary in holiday splendour"

Mon, 28th of December 2020 at 19 St. John's Church, Tartu

Tue, 29th of December 2020 at 19 St. John's Church, Tallinn

PERFORMERS: Pirjo Jonas (soprano), Corelli Baroque Ensemble on period instruments, conductor Martin Sildos

PROGRAM: Brilliant hits from the baroque era, most beautiful Christmas themed arias and orchestral pieces - Handel's „Messiah", Bach's „Christmas oratorio", Charpentier' Christmas suites etc.




Wen, 6th of January 2021 at 19 in Keila-Joa castles Schloss Fall, Harju county

PERFORMERS: Kadri Voorand in Duo with Mihkel Mälgand

PROGRAM: Greet the New year accompanied by fireworks of the holiday spirited improvisations decorated by ethereal electronic effects and soulful poetry in the atmosphere of the historic castle.

Enjoy the style and elegance of former times and todays brilliant musicians!

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TICKETS: in Piletilevi, Circle K and an hour before the concert beginning at the concert venue, if available.


In Tallinn: 15 € / *12 €

In Tartu: 12 € / *10 €

In Rapla: 10 € / *8 €

In Keila-Joa: 30 €

SUPPORTER TICKETS: 35 €, 50 €, 100 € are a great help in the organizing of the festival, guarantees great gratitude and seats in the first rows.

*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people and their escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians.


NB! We are collecting our concert visitor's contact information and confirmation to use it in order to be able to inform you in case there has been someone who will get diagnosed with COVID-19 among us. This is our attempt to minimize risks for your and your loved ones health.

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