Estonian manors 2020

The yearly and very successful concert series “Estonian Manors” happens already for the 22st time. It’s headliner is a baroque ensemble Corelli Consort, who is playing radiant baroque music on period instruments as it could have sounded in ballrooms of manors in ancient times. This summer some restrictions must be followed yet we hope to offer wonderful experience. The history and architecture of the manors will be introduced by art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa.
Name of event Time Place
Estonian Manors 2020- Vana-Antsla
Estonian manors 2020
19.07.20 17:00 Vana-Antsla manor (Urvaste parish, Võru county)
Estonian Manors 2020- Valgu
Estonian manors 2020
18.07.20 18:00 Valgu manor-school (Märjamaa parish, Rapla county)
Estonian Manors 2020- Ülenurme
Estonian manors 2020
17.07.20 18:00 Ülenurme manor, Estonian Agricultural Museum (Tartu-Maarja parish, Tartu county)
Estonian Manors 2020- Pootsi
Estonian manors 2020
16.07.20 18:00 Pootsi wine manor (Tõstamaa parish, Pärnu county)
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