Estonian manors 2019


The yearly and very successful concert series "Estonian Manors" happens already fot the 21st time. It's headliner is a baroque ensemble Corelli Consort, who is playing radiant baroque music on period instruments as it could have sounded in ballrooms of manors in ancient times. This summer a versatile talented young musician, soprano Maria Listra will join the ensemble as a soloist. The history and architecture of the manors will be introduced by art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa.


Since the beginning of this annual summer event twenty one years ago, "Estonian Manors" has already introduced 85 manors all over Estonia and every year it has supported a little manor school, an orphanage, a nursing home for elderly people, the Maarja Village Foundation or Tartu University Hospital Children's Foundation.

In the summer of 2019 four more manors from different corners of the land of Mary will be added to this list. The donations of audience and patrons will go to the nursing home for disabled people located in Paju manor. This manor played a great role in Estonian war of Independence and therefore in the birth of Estonian Republic 100 years ago.


In addition to enjoyment of beautiful music, charity concert series "Estonian Manors" gives a chance to belong to the honorable company of maecenas. This year, the donations of the audience and patrons will go to nursing home located in Paju manor to improve the life of its inhabitants.


Name of event Time Place
ESTONIAN MANORS 2019- Paju manor
Estonian manors 2019
11.08.19 17:00
ESTONIAN MANORS 2019- Kirna manor
Estonian manors 2019
10.08.19 18:00 Kirna manor, Järva County
ESTONIAN MANORS 2019- Viljandi manor
Estonian manors 2019
09.08.19 18:00
ESTONIAN MANORS 2019- Kuremaa castle
Estonian manors 2019
08.08.19 18:00 Kuremaa castle, Jõgeva county
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