Carillon in the Land of Mary

27.06.18 20:00 St. Olev Church, Tallinn. Series Church Holidays in the Land of Mary







In the tender duskiness of white nights, Corelli Music is offering a unique concert program "500 years of musical mystery" for the one of a kind mobile carillon in Estonia. Concerts will take place in St. Olav's Church in Tallinn and in Church of Blessed Virgin Mary in Jõelähtme.

With introducing this rather unknown, unseen and unheard archaistic instrument in the Land of Mary, concerts are also contributing to the musical program of "Estonian Republic 100" and "European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018".


Concerts of the white nights "Carillon in the Land of Mary"


Wed, 27th of June 2018 at 20 in St. Olav’s Church, Tallinn



Merle Kollom - carillon

Jaak Lutsoja - accordion, electronics


PROGRAM: original pieces for carillon (S. van Balkom, M. Peterson, R. Lannoy), arrangements of well known classical pieces (I. Albeniz/M. Siebers, D. Šostakovitš/F. Steijns, L. Delibes/L. Hart, F. Poulenc/J. Bell Arterton, G. Fr. Händel/R. Lodine), M. Kollom's and J. Lutsoja's arrangements for carillon and accordion (J.S. Bach, J. Brahms, M. Härma, E. Aavik, R. Rannap, M. Härma) etc.


In addition to the music played by unique duo, Merle Kollom will be speaking about facinating history of carillon, folklore of tintinnabulation and it's mystic effect.


Carillon, percussion instrument of attuned bronze bells was invented in Netherlands has a long and rich history and is the heaviest musical instrument, weighing up to 50 tons. Carillon and it's player have been hidden from the listener in high belfry for more than 500 years. This makes it the world's best kept musical secret. The veil of secrecy will be raised by the concert program "500 years of musical mystery". The principal character of it will be the only professional carillonist in Estonia Merle Kollom.


Enjoy the style and elegance of former times and nowadays brilliant musicians!

The duration of the concert is 1 hour.

Concert also: Thu, 28th of June 2018 at 20 in Jõelähtme Church, Harju county

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TICKETS: 10 € / 8 € *

SUPPORTER TICKETS: 25 €, 35 €, 50 € are a great help in the organizing of the festival, guarantees great gratitude and the best seat at the concert                                       

in Piletilevi and Cirkle K and an hour before the concert beginning at the concert venue, if available

*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people with escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians


Kariljon- videoklipp
Kariljon- videoklipp- vene keeles
Oleviste kirik. Foto
Merle Kollom ja kariljon
Jaak Lutsoja. Foto Sven Meresmaa
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