05.01.18 18:00 Tallinn Teachers House (Raekoja plats 14, Tallinn). Series CHURCH HOLIDAYS in the LAND of MARY 2017

Christmas music festival: "Church Holidays in the Land of Mary" 2017

3rd of December 2017 - 6th of January 2018


Miraculous Christmas time filled with beautiful music in churches and music lounges all over Estonia!

Estonian Republic 100, Reformation 500, EFFE Label 2017-2018 by European Festivals Association


5th of January 2018 at 18.00 in Teachers' House, Tallinn

"Greeting the New Year"

PERFORMER: Estonian Cello Ensemble: Maarit Kangron, Theodor Sink, Johannes Välja, Villu Vihermäe, Marius Järvi and Andreas Lend

PROGRAM: The fireworks of classical music by six top cellist from the younger generation. They have been shining on our concert stages since their debut at Corelli Christmas festival two years ago. Evening in a cozy music salon offers the highlights of classical music in a thrilling soundscape of six cellos, also delights for your mind and palate.

CONCERT ALSO: 6th of January 2018 at 18.00 in Sangaste castle

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TICKETS: 15 € / 12 € *

SUPPORTER TICKETS: 25 €, 35 €, 50 € are a great help in the organizing of the festival, guarantees great gratitude and the best seat at the concert                                       

in Piletilevi and Cirkle K and an hour before the concert beginning at the concert venue, if available

*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people with escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians


JMF 17- videoklipp
Estonian Cello Ensemble. Foto: Miina Järvi
Euroopa Festivalide Assotsiatsiooni kvaliteedimärk “EFFE Label 2017-2018” jõulumuusika festivalile “Kirikupühad Maarjamaal”
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