Towers of Tallinn 2017- Maiden Tower

26.08.17 18:00 Maiden Tower open-air stage (Lühike jalg 9a, Tallinn). Series Festival TOWERS OF TALLINN 2017


August 25–26, 2017
Towers of Tallinn and brilliant musicians!

Festival “Towers of Tallinn” brings together the history of ancient Tallinn and contemporary oeuvre, introducing the city's famous silhouette inside out through different eras of music.
This year´s opening concert will take place in one of the most beautiful churches in Tallinn Old Town. It is a place where people do not find themselves very often. Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord charms with Estonia’s biggest and most spectacular baroque iconostasis, Tallinn’s oldest tower bell and excellent acoustics. Following concerts will take place on the outdoor stage of the beautifully renovated medieval wall tower called the Maiden Tower and in the quondam mightiest building of the Dominican Order which stood unused for a long time, but has a future full of hope - St. Catherine's Church.

Sat, 26.08.2017

* 18.00 Outdoor stage of Maiden Tower (Neitsitorn, Lühike jalg 9a, Tallinn)

Concert „Beautiful beginning“

PERFORMER: Helin-Mari Arder and Siim Aimla quartet.

Helin-Mari Arder (vocals), Siim Aimla (saxophones), Jaan Jaanson (guitar), Ara Yaralyan (double bass)

PROGRAMME: Wonderful creation of Helin-Mari Arder and Siim Aimla.

„Beautiful beginning“ is the contiuance of the erlier programme „Wake up, my heart“ (jazz arrangements for Estonian clerical folk song). Helin-Mari Arder has enchanted the audiences with both original oeuvre as well as with songs from other Estonian authors and her repertoire also includes music in many other languages. Her most well-known song, however, is certainly the song called “Little Sun”. Siim Aimla is known for his versatile approach as an author, performer, arranger and band leader. Both musicians have published several recordings.


In collaboration with Tallinn Culture Night

TT 2017 -videoklipp
Neitsitorn. Foto: Andrei Chertkov
Helin-Mari Arder. Foto: Maris Ojasuu
Siim Aimla. Foto: Kaupo Kikkas
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