Liisi Koikson ja Raivo Tafenau band „Treasures of film music“

26.08.16 19:00 Artis Cinema (Estonia pst 9, Tallinn). Series Festival TOWERS OF TALLINN 2016


August 25-27, 2016

Towers of Tallinn and brilliant musicians!

Festival "Towers of Tallinn" brings together the history of ancient Tallinn and contemporary oeuvre, introducing the city's famous silhouette inside out through different eras of music. Concerts of this year will be held in various towers: at the Tallinn TV Tower, that played an important role in the restoration of independence of Estonia and is the highest of its kind in Northern Europe; at Artis Cinema, that has a view to the corner tower of the former Sakala Centre and other towers; and the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, in the heart of the Old Town with it's neoclassical facade and two massive towers.

Fri, 26 August

19.00               Artis Cinema (Estonia pst 9)

PROGRAMME: „Treasures of film music"

Best of Estonian and universal film music

PERFORMERS: Liisi Koikson and Raivo Tafenau band: Liisi Koikson (vocals), Raivo Tafenau (saxophones, accordion), Peedu Kass (bass), Paul Daniel (guitar), Marti Tärn (percussion)

Best of Estonian and universal film music will be performed by Liisi Koikson and Raivo Tafenau band -  plenty to recognize and to be surprised by. Songs in the programme come from films „The Godfather", „Dirty Dancing", „Pretty Woman", „Siin me oleme", „Nukitsamees", James Bond films and many others.

In collaboration with Artis Cinema



TICKETS: 10/8* € 

in Piletilevi and Statoil and an hour before the concert beginning at the concert venue, if possible
*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people with escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians


Tallinna Tornid videoklipp
Tallinna Tornid videoklipp- vene keeles
Raivo Tafenau. Foto: Kaupo Kikkas
Liisi Koikson. Foto: Elisa Taimre
Kino Artis
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