Lounge concerts for the International Women's Day

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08.03.15 17:00 Puurmani Castle Kursi parish, Jõgeva county. Series Romantic Manors

Lounge concerts for the International Women's Day



Concert agency Corelli Music brilliantly continues to celebrate its 10th anniversary with keywords of the Year of Music 2015 and Eight Centuries of Terra Mariana. Near the International Women's Day, there are concerts that could be described by the slogan of the Year of Music: Sounds good! Cosy music lounges with brilliant musicians and history-flavoured interior are waiting for you!

Sun, 8 March 2015 at 5 pm, Puurmani Castle, Puurmani parish, Jõgevamaa   

Liisi Koikson (soloist, vocal)

Liina Saar, Maarja Aarma (vocals)
Ahto Abner (percussion), Joel-Rasmus Remmel (piano), Ardo Ran Varres (electric piano), Mihkel Mälgand (double bass)
String quartet: Ida Teppo (1st violin), Liis-Helena Väljamäe (2nd violin), Eva-Maria Sumera (viola), Johannes Teppo (cello)
PROGRAMME: Ardo Ran Varres' and Liisi Koikson's songs on poetry by Anzori Barkalaja


Concert also: Sat, 7 March 2015 at 7 pm, Õpetajate Maja (Raekoja plats 14, Tallinn)  

Enjoyable lounge concerts honour all the beautiful ladies. There is a concert with wonderful music on 7 March at Õpetajate Maja in Tallinn and the International Women's Day will be celebrated on 8 March in one of the most beautiful manor schools in Puurmani Castle, in series of "Romantic Manors". Large project-based ensemble Liisi Koikson ja Vaikne Esmaspäev unites musicians with different backgrounds and performs a soulful programme, which consists of Ardo Ran Varres' and Liisi Koikson's songs on poetry by Anzori Barkalaja. Released in 2012, the idea for the album started, when Ardo Ran Varres and Liisi Koikson got fascinated with Anzori Barkalaja's poetry collection titled "Lohelausuja" (The Dragon Whisperer) and they decided to put the texts in music. The resulting music links pop, jazz, ethno and classical music to one whole. Through the lyrics Estonian beautiful language, nature, spiritual balance, peace and silence meet with music. Corelli is especially pleased to introduce this great music that was born from the synergy of Estonian creatives.

Corelli Music continues to move towards the primary goals of the agency: forming the manors to local cultural centres and bringing good concerts to country regions over Estonia. Enjoy the stylish and elegant performance of excellent musicians in the Year of Music 2015!

The concert without intermission lasts for 1 hour.


10 / 8 €* in Piletilevi and Statoil and before the concert at the concert venue, if possible

Check the Piletilevi offices
Buy a ticket in internert

*Special price: students, pensioners, disabled people and their companions, music teachers, members of the Association of Estonian Professional Musician
Vaikne esmaspäev- videoklipp
Vaikne esmaspäev
Liisi Koikson ja Vaikne Esmaspäev
Liisi Koikson. Foto: Elisa Taimre
Puurmani loss. Foto: www.mois.ee
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