St John Passion

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08.04.17 16:00 St. John Church, Tartu. Series Church Holidays in the Land of Mary

Concert agency Corelli Music continues to offer for more than ten years of soulful music experiences in the concert series „Church Holidays in the Land of Mary". On Palm Sunday, in the beginning of the Holy Week AD 2017 will resound the St John Passion by J. S. Bach - the most beautiful oratorio of the time of suffering. Concerts are a part of the „Reformation 500" celebrations, leading up to „Estonian Republic 100".


Church Holidays in the Land of Mary" - Palm Sunday

Sat, 8.04.2017 at 4 pm St John's church, Tartu (Jaani 5)


A gospel set to music... a story of redemption and salvation of us all.



Evangelist: Mati Turi (tenor)

Jesus: Uku Joller (bass-baritone)

Pilatus: Taavi Tampuu (bass)

Arete Teemets (soprano)

Iris Oja (alto)

The disciples: Ancilla (soprano), Servus (tenor), Petrus (bass) - choir soloists


CORELLI BAROQUE ORCHESTRA on period instruments

Conductor LUKAS GROEN (Netherlands/Estonia)


Concert also:  Sun, 9.04.2017 at 4 pm St Paul's church, Viljandi (Kiriku 3)

Concerts are a part of concert series „Church Holidays in the Land of Mary", that in addition to festive christmas concerts bring to the audience also monumental musical works around Easter-time. The patron of the „Church Holidays in the Land of Mary" is the president of the Estonian Council of Churches, Archbishop Emeritus Andres Põder. On Palm Sunday the audience will hear one of the most moving pieces of music history - St John Passion BWV 245 by Johann Sebastian Bachi (1685-1750), performed by Estonian top musicians and students from the Estonian Music and Theatre Academy.


This time both of the performances will take place outside of Tallin so that as many people as possible outside of the capital could hear them. The concert in Tartu St John's church is the last concert in the local traditional concert series „The Passion time Saturday concerts". Viljandi St John's church was consecrated in 1866 and celebrated recently its 150th birthday. It was built for an Estonian congregation and as a church for the local people became symbolic in the national awakening.

TICKETS: 10 € / 8 € *

SUPPORTER TICKETS: 25 €, 35 €, 50 € are a great help in the organizing of the festival, guarantees great gratitude and the best seat at the concert


in Piletilevi and Statoil and an hour before the concert beginning at the concert venue, if possible
*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people with escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians


Johannese passioon- videoklipp
Johannese passioon- videoklipp- vene keeles
Mati Turi.Foto: Harri Rospu
Arete Teemets. Foto Gert Kelu
Collegium Musicale. Foto Kristel Üksvärav
Corelli Barokkorkester. Foto Corelli Music / Olev Mihkelmaa
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