Raivo ja Ramuel Tafenau at "Towers of Tallinn"

29.08.20 16:00 Harju gate hill stage (Harju gate hill, Tallinn). Series Festival TOWERS OF TALLINN 2020




August 26-29, 2020

Different towers of Tallinn and brilliant musicians!

In the Festival "Towers of Tallinn" Corelli Music connects the history of ancient Tallinn, the tips of it's towers and the tops of creatives. Festival introduces the city's famous silhouette inside out through with different eras of music.

Medieval city walls, churches, modern skyscrapers - whole Tallinn will be filled with music from medieval times and baroque to folk, jazz and contemporary music.

Classy concerts and beautiful music, musical walks, end-of-summer sunsets, adorable panoramas of Tallinn and horizon over the sea - exciting happenings through days!


Sat, August 29th 2020

16.00 Open air stage of Harjumägi hill

PERFORMERS: Raivo Tafenau (saxophone) ja Ramuel Tafenau (drums)

PROGRAM: Jazz dialog of father and son. Contemporary jazz has no borders. Saxophone and drum duo is surely not a mainstream ensemble, because it excludes bass and harmony. Raivo and Ramuel are delegating the oldest argument - which was first: the chicken or the egg - into the music. So in this concert the question will be: was there first a melody or a rhythm. And is the blood thicker than water as well.

Free entry!

In collaboration with Tallinn Culture Night


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Free entry!

In collaboration with Tallinn Culture Night

Tallinna tornid- videoklipp
Tallinna tornid- videoklipp- vene keeles
Raivo Tafenau. Foto Rene Jakobson
Ramuel Tafenau. Foto Rene Jakobson
Harjumägi. Foto Birgit Kraas / Corelli Music
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