Estonian manors 2005

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20.08.05 18:00 Tõstamaa manor Tõstamaa parish, Pärnu county. Series Estonian Manors 2005

Saturday, August 20, 2005 at 6 pm Tõstamaa manor
Tõstamaa parish, Pärnu county



Baroque ensemble Corelli Consort on period instruments

Jüri Kuuskemaa, history - architecture - dignified families


soloist Kaia Urb, soprano


Solo cantatas by Scarlatti, sonatas, trio sonatas by Corelli, Händel, Telemann

Series of concerts Estonian Manors 2005 - history, baroque music, architecture, romantic old castles, reveille for the Maecenas movement for welfare of our children.

Estonian biggest architectural and overall cultural values are doubtless Old Town of Tallinn and our numerous manorial estates, the Baltic-German culture has left a strong footmark both onto the characteristic way of thinking and general outlook of Estonia. Being close to the era with their style of music, the presentations of baroque ensemble Corelli Consort suit particularly well with historical buildings - castles, manor houses, nobility dwellings, churches - music is played in old houses as if it was played centuries ago. Therefore this year already 7th time Corelli Consort is arranging the major concert series of the season: Estonian Manors covering the whole country in every August.

The general idea characterising the concert series is to create a most suitable historical atmosphere in old houses by the usage of musical means. During the concert audience will hear lots of sparkling baroque music on authentic period instruments performed by Estonian professional baroque musicians. And also an overview from an art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa about the history of every particular manor house, its architectural value and dignified families who once have lived there. In Seewald summer-manor the head doctor of the Tallinn Psychiatric Hospital Imre Rammul will give an idea about the history of the 100-years old clinic on the lands of a historic summer-manor.

Since 1999 Estonian Manors has introduced already 24 different manorial estates over the whole country and supported 6 little schools and orphanages, situated in manor complexes. The wider farther aim of the project is to contribute to the preservation of the abundant manorial estates one can find in Estonia for future generations, acknowledgement of the problem and rising interest towards it. Unfortunately, lots of the manor complexes are found in very bad condition, many stand in a soon danger of final perishing, although being real relics of national importance. Since the reconstruction works are very expensive one cannot expect of small schools and orphanages to be able to repair these marvellous cultural landmarks merely from means of their own. Corelli Music agency would like to enliven the aristocratic way of thinking and the idea of Maecenas movement - that is even older than Christianity.
Mooste Vallavalitsus Mõisakoolide riiklik programm Tallinna Kultuuriväärtuste Amet

Äripäev Hansabuss

Tõstamaa mõis Foto: Toomas Mitt
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