Estonian Manors 2008

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22.08.08 18:00 Viimsi manor Jõelähtme parish, Harju county. Series Estonian Manors 2008
Series of charity concerts since 1999, 10 years of manorial music!

History, Beaux Arts, architecture, romantic old castles, beautiful nature,
reveille for the Maeacenas' movement for welfare of our children...

In August 2008 the series of concerts *Estonian Manors* celebrates its 10th anniversary and 90th birthday of our beloved Estonian Republic.

Concerts will be held in these manors that are connected to the birth of Estonian Republic. At first the Viimsi manor that belonged many years to general Johan Laidoner. And also in these manors whose Baltic-German owners - dukes, barons, counts etc have helped the young republic a lot in the War of Independance in 1918-20 and have received the Estonian highest official reward for their merits - are the cavaliers of Estonian Cross of Independance / Eesti Vabadusrist/
(Pirgu, Avanduse, Väinjärve etc).


In the year 2008 everybody is welcome to support the Tammistu manor near Tartu,
where Estonian Agrenska Foundation is planning to create a center, which aims at optimal quality of life for children having disability due to different diseases and traumatic injures.

The performers:
two creative companies, that started just after Estonia re-gained its independance, both celebrated their 15th birthday in 2007 - baroque ensemble Corelli Consort on period instruments and Fine 5 Dance Theatre, one of the best-known and the most influential contemporary dance companies in Estonia. The program will be a connection of baroque music with contemporary coreography and high fashion collections (Ivo Nikkolo), in co-operation with Independant Association of Dance.

Music in the program is selected from most celebrated Baltic-German composer J.V. Meder, from the ensemble's favourite Archangelo Corelli and due to the connections of Tammistu centre to the royal family of Sweden also baroque music from the Royal Swedish Court (J.H. Roman).

All the historical background of the manors and birth of Estonian Republic will be enlightened traditionally by art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa.

Hasartmängumaksu Nõukogu Puurmani vald ja Väike-Maarja vald

Eesti mõisad 2008 - videoklipp
Viimsi mõis, Jõelähtme kihelkond, Harjumaa. Foto
Fine 5
Corelli Consort
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