Christmas Music in Romantic Manors

25.11.06 18:00 Taagepera Castle Helme parish, Valga county. Series Romantic Manors
Christmas music in romantic manors - breathtakingly beautyful jazz ballades, improvisations on famous Christmas themes, bright candle light from the festive halls of our most beautiful manorial estates shining through the snowy woods around...
Chamberly misty atmosphere in aristocratic surroundings, Estonian famous musicians Raivo Tafenau and Meelis Vind (clarinets, saxophones) together with a good friend Ricardo Padilla (several percussions), born in Chile, now living in Helsinki.


For November 25: sale only from Taagepera Castle,

Reduced tickets: pupils, pensioners, students, handicapped persons with a companion, music teachers
Taagepera Loss talvel, Helme kihelkond, Valgamaa
Ricardo Padilla
Meelis Vind ja Raivo Tafenau
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