Spring concert – The Night of Saxophones

11.05.13 18:00 Alatskivi castle, Tartu county. Series Romantic Manors

Corelli Music agency's spring concerts and rich historical heritidge of Estonia, cozy Toompea Music Lounge in the famous Tallinn old town and Estonian manors. Wonderful musical atmosphere in the most beautyful ball rooms of manors and nobility dwellings.



Siim Aimla (saxophones)

Raivo Tafenau (saxophones)

Virgo Sillamaa (guitar)

Mihkel Mälgand (bass)

Eno Kollom (percussion)


The most prominent saxophone players in Estonia, Raivo Tafenau and Siim Aimla will use the whole family of saxophones in their concerts. With the help of their ensemble partners they introduce the history of saxophone and provide examples of music from different eras. Raivo Tafenau talks about his beloved instrument: "When Adolf Sax completed his 'thing' in 1841, a mindless wave of contempt hit him and his saxophone, especially from classical musicians. By now this instrument has helped to change the world and invented new styles of music. None can imagine music any more without a saxophone!"


In TALLINN:  15 € / 12 €* in Piletilevi and Statoil and before the concert at the concert venue, if possible

*Discount price for tickets: retired people, pupils, students, teachers, disabled people with escort, members of Association of Estonian Professional Musicians

NB! For all owners of American Express credit card, -10% discount of full ticket price at Piletilevi


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Saksofonide ÖÖ- videoklipp
Raivo Tafenau. Foto Kaupo Kikkas
Siim Aimla. Foto: Kaupo Kikkas
Alatskivi loss. Foto:www.alatskiviloss.ee
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