Estonian Manors 2016

Charity Concert Series „ESTONIAN MANORS 2016’’
18 years of manor music and patronage in the 800-year-old Land of Mary!

Let's support the Kohila manor school!

The charity concert series “Estonian Manors” is the crown jewel of the agency Corelli Music. It’s a unique cultural phenomenon that brings together the romantic experience of visiting manors, architectural treasures and beautiful music from the golden ages performed by Corelli Consort on historical instruments. These concerts resemble the historical performance in the manors at their peak. The additional values are catching the historical background by art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa and the opportunity to support the Kohila manor school.

Name of event Time Place
Estonian manors 2016 - Kohila
Estonian Manors 2016
31.07.16 16:00 Kohila Manor (Hageri Parish, Raplamaa county)
Estonian manors 2016 - Sänna
Estonian Manors 2016
30.07.16 18:00 Sänna Manor (Rõuge Parish, Võrumaa county)
Estonian manors 2016 - Voltveti
Estonian Manors 2016
29.07.16 18:00 Voltveti/Tihemetsa Manor (Saarde Parish, Pärnumaa county)
Estonian manors 2016 - Kostivere
Estonian Manors 2016
28.07.16 18:00 Kostivere Manor (Jõelähtme Parish, Harjumaa county)
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