Estonian Manors 2005

Series of concerts Estonian Manors 2005 - history, baroque music, architecture, romantic old castles, reveille for the Maecenas movement for welfare of our children.

Baroque ensemble Corelli Consort on period instruments

Soloist Kaia Urb, soprano
About history Jüri Kuuskemaa, art historian

Estonian Manors 2005 is supporting the foundation Maarja Village, very near to Mooste Manor in Põlva county, where children with a mental handicap will find nice and loving home. For medical treatment and simply for mental pleasure these young people need a piano and other instruments for musical therapy.

Let us help together to present these children
a piano and other instruments for musical therapy!

Name of event Time Place
Estonian manors 2005 28.08.05 18:00 Mooste manor, Põlva parish
Estonian manors 2005 27.08.05 18:00 Laitse Castle, Nissi parich, Harju county
Estonian manors 2005 21.08.05 18:00 Seewald Summer-manor, Tallinn
Estonian manors 2005 20.08.05 18:00 Tõstamaa manor Tõstamaa parish, Pärnu county
Estonian manors 2005 - Additional concert
Estonian Manors 2005
16.07.05 18:00 Pidula manor Kihelkonna parish, Saaremaa island
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