Estonian manors 2018

Charity series of concerts ESTONIAN MANORS 2018
20th to 29th of July 2018

Beautyful manorial estates all over Estonia,

20 years of manorial music and fundraising in Estonia!

Estonian Republic 100!


On its 20th year since 1999, the series has introduced 85 manors in Estonia and supported every year small manor schools, orphanages, nursing homes for elderly people or charity projects for handicapped children. In summer 2018 six new venues will be added to the list - concerts will be held in manors that have gained a new life in Estonian Republic which restored it's independence in 1991. This year the funds we collects go to support a small manor school.

Corelli Music is giving all it's concert series, festivals and events as a gift for celebrating the 100th anniversary of Estonian Republic.


Name of event Time Place
Estonian Manors 2018- Ruila manor
Estonian manors 2018
29.07.18 17:00 Ruila manor (Harju county)
Estonian Manors 2018- Mädapea manor
Estonian manors 2018
28.07.18 16:00 Mädapea manor (Viru county)
Estonian Manors 2018- Kernu manor
Estonian manors 2018
27.07.18 18:00 Kernu manor (Harju county)
Estonian Manors 2018- Maarjamäe castle
Estonian manors 2018
20.07.18 18:00 Maarjamäe castle (Tallinn)
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