Estonian Manors 2013

The charity concert series “Estonian Manors 2013” joins architecture, music, history, mécénat, manor romance and sustaining art heritage. On its 15th year since 1999, the series has introduced 58 manors in Estonia and supported 13 small manor schools, orphanages or nursing homes for elderly people. This year, the donations of audience and mécènes will be given for the new piano foundation of the little Lasila manor-school near Rakvere. The concert series “Estonian Manors 2013” helps Rakvere Municipality, Lasila Elementary School and Corelli Music to bring a new piano to the main hall of Lasila manor-school already at the end of this year!




Name of event Time Place
Estonian manors 2013 - Lasila manor
Estonian Manors 2013
28.07.13 18:00 Lasila manor (Lääne-Viru county)
Estonian manors 2013 - Räpina manor
Estonian Manors 2013
27.07.13 18:00 Räpina manor (Põlva county)
Estonian manors 2013 - Eivere manor
Estonian Manors 2013
26.07.13 18:00 Eivere manor (Järva county)
Estonian manors 2013 - Kõltsu manor
Estonian Manors 2013
25.07.13 18:00 Kõltsu manor (Harju county)
Estonian manors 2013 - Atla manor
Estonian Manors 2013
19.06.13 19:00 Atla manor (Tapla county)
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